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World Leading Pattern Recognition Technology
For Media Monitoring And Advertising Tracking

New: Internet Video Search Engine and Copyright Protection Tool
Holding a German Patent Backed by patent

Media Services Licensing MSL is providing the world leading pattern recognition technology for Advertising Tracking, Media Monitoring and Internet Copyright Protection. This unique and proprietory technology is currently scanning up to 1000 TV and Radio Channels worldwide.

The fully automated System is also tracking URL addresses for 'pirated' media content. It compares internet video with tv broadcast, cable and satellite programs. An artificial brain analyzes pictures and matches them to the existing TV universe.

Main applications are licensed to offices in New York, Chicago, London, Paris, Milan and Sidney. One of the largest installations can be visited in New York at Competitrack Inc. (please email to Competitrack Inc).

The technology is based on patented hardware and artificial intelligence software. It has been developed by the German Media Expert Dr. Ulrich Hienzsch.
Holding a German Patent Luminance converted into pattern

Holding a German Patent Operator Interface showing results